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Introductions are good manners.

How do you do? I'm Joel Peach, and I started Broken Beak Coffee. 


I've done a lot of different things over the years, but central to all of it is a realization that things feel the best when you work on them over time and with the help of good people.

This was illustrated poignantly when the pandemic hit. A pub trivia business I co-founded cratered, so I exited and leaned into my family.

We bought a 20 pound bag of rice, washed our hands all the time, and decided to keep chickens.

One of our hens (we named her "Herzog" in a nod to this interview) had wings that were very small, even by chicken standards. She spent a lot of time away from the flock which was probably for the best because they bullied the hell out of her.

While I joked Herzog was the first chicken I'd eat, my partner Beth (a very decent, loving human being) continued to quietly nurture her.

Eventually Herzog's backside, which the other chickens pecked mercilessly, healed and feathered out. She spent more time with the other chickens doing chicken things.

Watching Beth care for Herzog and seeing her thrive gave and still gives me lots to think about when it comes to taking care of all sorts of things that are broken.

Broken Beak Coffee is a vehicle to harness this attention, and these intentions into a tangible output that brings us together to build the connections that allow us to thrive.

It's just coffee. And with our care, hopefully, it's so much more.

I roast the best beans from true stewards of the land, in small batches, bring them to you and use the proceeds to invest in our community.

Let's have a cup together soon.

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